Bethany was chosen because that village in the New Testament was the home of Jesus’ friends, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (John 11). Bethany was the place where our Savior would go to find peace, fellowship, and rest, and it was the site of His greatest miracle—the resurrection of Lazarus who had been dead for four days! If you are a friend of Jesus, come to Bethany this week. If you are looking for the peace that passes all understanding, come to Bethany. If the world has been a rough place, and you need the fellowship of believers, come to Bethany. We are waiting to welcome you.
Bible is included in our name to let you know that all of the teaching you receive at Bethany is Bible-centered. We do not direct you to some other book or philosophy, we preach the Bible alone.
Presbyterian literally means in Greek “elders” and it speaks of our form of government. Our congregation elects two forms of elders, ruling and teaching. The ruling elders oversee the spiritual development of our church members and provide advice for the teaching elders—the pastors—preach the Word, provide counseling, visit the sick, and give the gospel. Both Pastor Vance and Pastor Ron are involved in mission boards, overseeing the work of the Lord in other countries.  
Church is in Greek a word that actually meant “called-out ones.” We have been called out of the world to come and worship in the church. Although we have a building, the real church is you and me. Worship is not just something we do on Sundays, but every day we should seek God and His Kingdom. When we worship together, we praise, celebrate and seek God corporately through the singing of His songs, through the reading of His Word, and through life changing sermons and through prayer. In our church services, we have a time when we can testify of God’s working in our lives, and make public our requests for prayer.